Useful links

Here are some useful links. Please feel free to contribute suggestions for additional material.


Deep End GP – Glasgow

Doctors Working in Deprivation – Greater Manchester

RCGP Health Inequalities Unit

Equality Trust

Institute of Health Equity

Partnership for Health Equity (Ireland)


Journal articles on epidemiology of health inequity

Tudor Hart on the Inverse Care Law – seminal paper from 1971

Tudor Hart on case finding in a deprived GP population in South Wales

Barnett et al in the Lancet – the epidemiology of long term conditions

Journal articles on health economics and health inequity

Asaria et al – Unequal distribution of the primary care workforce – BMJ Open 2016

Asaria et al – How a universal health system reduces inequalities – lessons from England – 2015

Payne et al – deprivation, multimorbidity and unplanned hospital admissions – CMAJ

Asaria – costs of inequalities measured in terms of inpatient hospital admission – Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2016

McClean et al – How General Practice funding underpins the persistence of the inverse care law – BJGP 2015

York University Centre for Health Economics – Health inequalities and the A&E Crisis – Jan 2016

Boomla et al audit of GP consultation rates in areas of high deprivation

Journal articles on being a GP “at the deep end”

Stevenson and Phillips – Resilience among GPs working in challenging areas

Pedersen and Vedsted on GP stress working in areas of deprivation

Mercer and Watt on the content and nature of primary care encounters in areas of deprivation

Watt et al – General Practitioners at the Deep End – the experience and views of GPs working in the most severely deprived areas of Scotland

Delgadillo et al 2014 – poverty, politics and psychology: the socioeconomic gradient of mental healthcare utilisation and outcomes

Dowell 2015 – Widening access to medical education may improve recruitment in deprived and rural areas

Walton 2017 – Mining for Deep End GPs – Report on the work of General Practice at the Deep End Yorkshire and Humber in the British Journal of General Practice

Seminal reports and papers on health inequity

The Black Report (Townsend 1982)

The Acheson Report (Acheson 1988)

Fair Society, Health Lives: The Marmot Review (Marmot 2010)

Other reports

York Centre for Health Economics – comparative CCG data on health inequity 2016

Tackling inequalities in general practice, Kings Fund 2010

RCGP 2022 GP compendium of evidence

RCGP Health Inequalities Report 2015

RCGP social inclusion commissioning guide

Overview and link to 2015 National Audit Office report on access to general practice (worse in deprived areas and for BME groups)

Quality in Primary Care (Ontario, Canada 2015) – highlights inequitable access to care

York University Centre for Health Economics – Health Inequality Indictors for the NHS – 2016

Report from GP Deep End group in Western Sydney (2016)

All Party Parliamentary Health Group and Health Foundation report – A Healthier Life for All

Health Inequalities National Support Team – Priority Actions

Health Inequalities National Support Team – How to Guides for primary care (2010)

The King’s Fund – How Healthy Are We? 2014

Tackling inequalities in life expectancy in the areas with the worst health and deprivation – National Audit Office 2010


A Better NHS Blog (for an excellent summary of the issues facing GPs at the Deep End see: this February 2017 blog)


The Spirit Level by Kate Picket and Richard Wilkinson (2009)

The Health Gap (Marmot 2015)

Mainstream press articles

Guardian February 2016 – GPs battle fatalism in neighborhood with Britain’s worst life expectancy


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