Starting to learn about health inequity and deep end practice

Acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to work effectively at the deep end as a GP (or other healthcare professional) is a journey. We will all start at different points on this amazing, challenging, depressing, uplifting, exhausting and energising adventure.

Fortunately, this is a path well trodden and there are many passionate and enthusiastic colleagues who will help you deliver GP with real humanity.

To get you started, here are series of brilliant resources that bring together the relevant background:

Poverty Medicine – a GP’s journey is a brilliant blog by East London GP Jonathan Tomlinson

“Bridging the Gap” is an excellent online learning module from NHS Scotland providing an overview of this important area

An overview of the issues from  the point of view of a Yorkshire and Humber GP can be found in this blog.

Once in practice, especially as a foundation doctor or GP specialist trainee in primary care, you may wish to explore some of the following ideas and resources, ideally with a colleague or trainer:

Film, television and audio


For a very detailed account of the work of General Practice at the Deep End in Glasgow, see this collection of their 29 reports over the last 10 years. There is also an extensive range of material on our Useful links page.

We hope these resources will provide an enriching and helpful educational experience.