Film, television and audio

  1. The Arbor – film telling the story of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar (2010). We have designed a session, inspired by this letter to the BJGP from Manchester GPs Avril Danszak and Paul Westhead. See note for educators and notes for trainees.
  2. An Inspector Calls (BBC adaptation of JB Priestley’s play about social interconnectedness)
  3. Ken Loach films: I, Daniel Blake (the benefits system and poverty in 21st century Britain); and Cathy Come Home (seminal film that was credited with bringing about action on homelessness in the 1960s)
  4. The Death of Mr Lazarescu
  5. Amnesty International short films about refugees: Home (2016 short film about refugees); People of Nowhere; and When you don’t exist
  6. Documentary about the Herzl Medical Practice in Montreal (North America’s first free GP service)
  7. The Divide – 2016 documentary film about Wilkinson and Pickett’s work on inequality as set out in their famous book The Spirit Level
  8. The Selfish Giant – 2013 film about two teenagers growing up in Bradford (inspired by Oscar Wilde’s play of the same name)
  9. Fish Tank – 2009 film about a socially isolated British teenager growing up in a single parent familynotes for traineesnotes for traineesnotes for traineesnotes for trainees
  10. An entertaining global perspective on poverty with a finale that proves that the seemingly impossible is possible from Hans Rosling