For advice, facts and statistics to help you build a case for equitable funding, see this blog post.

A fantastic blog by Jonathon Tomlinson (East London GP) on the doctor as advocate can be found here.

How well is your CCG doing on health inequality? See here.

The following key actions were identified by Yorkshire and Humber Deep End GPs regarding advocacy:

  • Need to lobby national and local politicians in person or via committees / other organisations to raise the profile of health inequity as a political issue and the role of healthcare professionals in addressing it
  • Need to provide GPs and training on advocacy and media-relations, enabling them to use traditional media (including newspapers, radio and television) and social media safely and to the best effect
  • Work together to raise awareness of health inequity and what can be done, including the issues faced by Deep End GPs (especially around funding), within NHS England, CCGs, Local Medical Committees and Local Authorities
  • Develop a compendium of evidence, GP narratives and patient stories that can be used to help advocacy work, using media such as YouTube, video, blogs and infographics
  • Work with Patient Participation Groups and other patients to increase patient empowerment and awareness around health inequity


ADVOCACY: immediate actions identified by GPs

  1. Provide a 2 page summary of the key evidence about health inequity, the inverse care law as it relates to Deep End GP and the role of healthcare in tackling the problem
  2. Provide media and advocacy training through the Deep End group
  3. Provide guidance on how outcome-based commissioning can be used to tackle health inequity at CCG level



One thought on “Advocacy”

  1. I think it would be great to do some work around CCGs’ actions in health inequalities. As GPs, most of whom will be CCG members if not having any actual forma CCG role, this is an area of advocacy where we could have a fairly rapid impact. Could we set up a ‘How is your CCG doing metric’ – this could look at key areas of health inequality and what resources / actions CCGs have put in place to deal with them (if any)? Could also help CCG members identify and share best practice in tackling health inequality…


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