Explaining chronic pain

Here are some fantastic resources, mainly from work by Prof Mosely and Dr Butler, who are based in South Australia. Patients and their doctors might find these helpful in managing chronic pain.

YouTube videos

Why do things hurt? (15 mins)

Getting to grips with pain (45 mins)

Treating pain using the brain (1hr 15 mins)


  • Explain Pain   £50 (a big, information heavy tome, more education than treatment)
  • The Protectometer   £25  (less on their theory, mostly  clinical treatment strategies)
  • Painful Yarns  £25  (analogies and stories that make sense of the Biology  of Pain )







Explaining Pain – December 2017 presentation from Drs McEnery and Heywood-Everett

Opiates in Chronic Pain – Why to Avoid – Dr Nick Bird December 2017


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